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Hrugved Kolhe

Hello, I'm Hrugved

Machine Learning Student | Open Source Enthusiast | Data Scientist

I'm a final year AI Undergraduate Student at G.H Raisoni College of Engineering. Machine Learning Intern at MyCaptain Pvt. Ltd. | AI Lead at E-Cell, GHRCE. Along with a fabulous team, I work for AI-Forum at my college. Skills: Machine Learning, OSS developer, Data Science, Deep learning, Data Analytics, Microsoft Azure, Linux.
Languages: Python, SQL, C++, C, HTML, CSS, bash.

Age: 21

College : G.H Raisoni College of Engg.

Email : geeky.hrugved143@gmail.com

Place : Mumbai-400063, India

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Skills & Expertise

Machine Learning 85%
HTML 82%
CSS 80%
Azure 75%
Web Development 70%
Data Science 80%
Python 90%
Git | VCS 75%
GitHub 90%
C++ 80%
SQL 80%
Event Management 85%

My Education

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and diligence.

Projects by Hrugved

Machine Learning Models.

In this repository, you will find the projects like Chatbot, SMS Spam Classifier, YouTube Comment Classifier, etc.

Making of a Discord bot!

This repository contains the dependencies required to create the Discbot.ai Model. This model chats with you dependeng upon the scripts with which it is trained.

My Open Source Contributions.

In this project, you will find the repositories wich i have contributed to and added the tutorials in Machine Learning and NLP section.


Portfolio Website.

My portfolio Website. In this, I have used HTML, CSS, Javascript and Github extensively to make the website.

Face Detection

Open CV Models.

This project contains the Face Detection and other Open CV models created using OpenCV.


MyCaptain Pvt. Ltd.

Data Analyst and Machine Learning Intern | Internship

June 2021 - Present

Working on Career path prediction system based on user profile.
In this project, my team is working on Career path recommendation system along with the formation study community of same-skilled students.

Dental AI

Student Researcher | Internship

November 2020 - April 2021

Teeth fault detection model.
In this project, our team researched and worked on a model which detects faults in the teeth with the help of different types of CNN algorithm.

Entrepreneur Cell

AI Lead | Forum

June 2020 - Present

At E-Cell, we Organize coding events, workshop and insightful sessions around the College Campus as well as we also conducted inter-college entrepreneurship events.

Coding Ninjas

Campus Ambassador | Internship

June 2021 - Present

This position consists of tasks like Organizing events, workshops and coding competitions around the College Campus.

AI Forum - GHRCE | Forum

Technical Incharge

April 2020 - Present

At AI forum, we Organize coding events, workshops and insightful sessions around the College Campus. Ultimate aim of the forum is to spread awareness about AI in the society.

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